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Norbak Products

What started as a little family owned business serving a few hundred bakeries – Norbak has grown to be a recognizable player in the Danish retail market, and today we are delivering innovative and high-quality products to all major and smaller retail chains in Denmark.

Norbak is working together with top professional suppliers from all around the world with a wide range of different products. Through the years we have grown solid business relationships with our partners, relationships where mutual respect, a high level of professionalism and hard work towards a common goal are the cornerstones in our co-operational business.

If you are a producer and looking for a partner to enter the Scandinavian market, please contact Norbak and let us help you achieving your goals.

Quality Europe
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Due to the rising demand for European products abroad Quality Europe was established – not only as a distributor helping European suppliers entering foreign markets, but also as a producer of its own brands as Fresh & Fruity and the newest AvoStone.

Based in Copenhagen Quality Europe has strong partners supplying different markets in most parts of the world from Asia (China) to the Middle East (Dubai).

Quality Europe strives to have co-operational partnerships that includes both export and import – a two way business creating even better possibilities and growth for our partners.

Quality Europe is constantly evolving and engaging in new partnerships around the world where products of high quality coming from Europe are always of highest interest for us.

If our services could be of interest for you, please contact

Our latest investment – a state of the art webshop for all kind of bake related products – where also the new developed high quality products from our co-operation with world famous cake blogger Mrs. Manuela Kjeilen from Passion4Baking will be available.

On web shop you will find baking related products from all over the world and the web shop will be constantly renewed with new features and more innovative products.

Our team only have one goal – to have the best web shop for baking accessories in the world and we are always on the lookout for new and innovative high quality products to improve our web shop and to give our customers an outstanding experience and the highest possible service when visiting our web shop.

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